On a Wing and a Prayer review – wish this unbelievable true story had added some more tension to the plot

On a Wing and a Prayer is a movie that centers around an incredible true story, which may initially seem too remarkable to be true. The plot follows a passenger who, while aboard a chartered flight with his wife and two daughters, witnesses the pilot suffer a heart attack and pass away. With his family’s lives and the plane’s safety at stake, the passenger must take charge and prevent a disastrous crash. Ultimately, the film depicts a tale of survival, where one individual defies all obstacles and emerges triumphant.

Although this film has selected a storyline that seems ideal for a cinematic adaptation, it doesn’t offer anything particularly innovative or fresh. The movie adheres to a familiar path, where an individual confronts a challenging circumstance and then receives assistance from others. As a result, the film prioritizes the event itself over the characters, resulting in a somewhat mixed outcome. However, the movie shines in its initial sequences, where it effectively portrays the family of the protagonist, Doug. The rapport between Doug and his brother is both novel and appealing, while the film also introduces us to Doug’s close-knit family, consisting of his wife and two daughters. This family enjoys spending quality time together, as evidenced by their participation in a local BBQ competition, which they subsequently donate to those in need after winning.

A still from On a Wing and a Prayer (Image courtesy: Prime Video)

The film’s storyline becomes unsurprising once Doug and his family board the chartered plane on Easter to attend his brother’s funeral in Florida. From that moment until the aviation authorities rescue Doug, the events follow a predictable pattern that fails to captivate the audience. The situation portrayed in the film is rare and almost unimaginable, as it involves a certified death and is beyond an individual’s means to overcome. To make these sequences more gripping, director Sean McNamara could have created tighter, tension-filled scenes. Similarly, the ATC scenes could have been crafted in a more engaging manner. Despite this, On a Wing and a Prayer tells an inspiring story that highlights the unbreakable resilience of the human spirit, proving that one can accomplish the unimaginable and the impossible. The film includes several powerful prayer scenes that leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Trailer of On a Wing and a Prayer

Dennis Quaid delivers an impressive performance as Doug White, complemented by Heather Graham as his wife, and their on-screen chemistry is captured beautifully. However, it’s Brett Rice’s portrayal of Doug’s brother that steals the show with his amiable personality and constant jokes. Jesse Metcalfe as Kari, the only pilot familiar with Doug’s chartered plane, also delivers a commendable performance. “On a Wing and a Prayer is a movie that has its moments of appeal. The strong Christian values that Doug’s family demonstrates are certainly noteworthy, and the early BBQ competition evokes positive energy. Nevertheless, the film only maintains an average standard post that.


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