We Were There, Too!

There are certain films whose specific sequences still remain etched in our memories after years. Most of the images we get to see normally feature actors but the real executors who made those scenes possible remain largely forgotten. Here we take a look at a few of the memorable scenes which have a story ofContinue reading “We Were There, Too!”

 Rare Facts About Sam Raimi & Coen Brothers And Their Buddyhood

It was 1980 and director Sam Raimi was travelling to New York for the first time with negatives of his debut film The Evil Dead. When Sam reached the building that housed the edit room, he was greeted by a shabby man with long hair. The unkempt man came up to his car and offeredContinue reading ” Rare Facts About Sam Raimi & Coen Brothers And Their Buddyhood”

Père-Lachaise Cemetery – Where Stardom Is Barricaded!

Ever wanted to know what real stardom looks like? Look no further than Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. It’s the same cemetery where celebrities like Molière, Edith Piaf, Proust, Beckett lie buried. The cemetery basically has who’s who from the world of art and literature. It was the penultimate day of our Paris trip and paucityContinue reading “Père-Lachaise Cemetery – Where Stardom Is Barricaded!”

Patarei Prison – Tallinn’s Testimony To Soviet And Nazi Terror

It was a chance discovery, or serendipity in other words. In 2015, I was in Tallinn, capital of Estonia for a visit and top on my agenda included a visit to downtown Tallinn (now declared a UNESCO heritage site), Hotel Viru (more on this in a later post) and a trip to Helsinki with TallinnContinue reading “Patarei Prison – Tallinn’s Testimony To Soviet And Nazi Terror”